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    leave the field of department empty. After the students name the status-code appears and the possible grade. For security reasons passwords arent given out through e-mail or over the

    telephone. WinhaWille, vAMK uses a student-administration system called WinhaPro and there is danske an interface for the students called WinhaWille, this interface can be accessed with a browser from /wille/ or via the quick link from the schools website /. You can also forward your e-mails from your school e-mail address to another e-mail address by using the forward file. T-IB-1-2, R-TRB-1, R-HB-2T etc. What goes up must come down wgUmCd). 0501234 (the year the studies have began 2005 and the continuous number 01234). A good password is at least six characters long and includes both capital letters as small letters; therefore it will be harder to break. When retrieving a new password take some sort of identification with you. The exam code states to which department the retake exam belongs (the three first letters) and the numbers represent the year and calendar week,.g. The ISP table for participations shows the implementations and exams that have been confirmed for the students. As a search criteria it is recommended to use one of those sections, other criteria is not necessary. Enrolment times can be found in the study guide. Information to the students will be found on the bulletin board. The department field should always be left empty. The students must register in the beginning of each academic year as either present or absent, with the exception of the first year students. The choice can be undone by unchecking the box. The student can withdraw an enrolment by clicking the courses check-box and by confirming the withdrawal by clicking the confirm-button. The department field is the participation group of the student. The recommendation is to use the schools e-mail address but other e-mail addresses are also allowed. From the ISPs content the student can see which courses that have been performed and which courses are still missing. The Student pages only show the exams which have an active enrolment time. The language in which the exam is held also appears there. Student number, each student is given a student number in Winha; this number is formed on the basis of the year when the studies have begun and a continuous number,.g. By checking the box the student can chose one or more implementations. If you want to reset your password, please proceed into identification. The practical training periods or the thesis for which the student has received a grade. The grade for the segment or part is shown by choosing components. In case you wish to be notified also by sms, write your number in WinhaWille at Change of address at Telephone (textmessage). Especially remember to write an e-mail address in WinhaWille to which you wish to receive information about your studies. We offer our students a versatile choice of studies, great opportunities for specialisation, high-quality education in Finnish and English, and wide business networks even during the studies. If you are sure that your information in Winha is valid, please contact Helpdesk. Our fields of education are business, hotel, restaurant and tourism management, information technology, journalism, management assistant training, sports management and vocational teacher education. If the program does not accept the enrolment (e.g.

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    If you do not visa want to receive messages to your mobile phone. Please ensure that you have a valid mobile number set at Winha. If your number is missing from Winha or is not valid. Change of address, soittolista username and password for WinhaWille, when the new password has been set.

    Haaga, helia is part of the Finnish public educational system.Each student is given a student number.Winha ; this number is formed on the.

    The students department can be used as search criteria. Failure to give proper notification of attendance leads to loss of study right. Services, renewal of HaagaHelias network password, g HaagaHelia prepares professionals for business and services. If you do not know your Winhausername or password. Finally the choices will be activated by clicking the Confirmbutton. Unexpected changes to the academic schedules.