Kuopio (Finnish pronunciation: ) is a city and municipality located in Northern Savonia, has a population of 117,842, which makes it the ninth-most populous city in Finland. 2018!
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    the dialect of Savo, as well as the hill of Puijo and the Puijo tower. A restaurant in the city centre, popular among adult people. The Centre is

    housed in an idyllic wooden building that is more than 100 years old and located in the heart of the Old City of Kuopio in Eastern Finland. The town was established as a village in the 1500s and incorporated as a city in 1782. Finnish Cup 2 times and the, finnish League Cup once. 62.891727.6823 6 Café Kolibri, Kauppakatu 16-18. City in Northern Savonia, Finland, kuopio (Finnish pronunciation: kuopio ) is a city and municipality located in, northern Savonia, Finland. 8 The period of Russian rule (18091917) brought notable transportation development within Eastern Finland. 62.891627.6764 4 Cafe Houkutus, Kauppakatu. Kuopio is about a five ravintola hour drive from Helsinki. Rännikatus are narrow, usually pedestrian, streets in Kuopio city center. 25 International relations edit See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Finland Twin towns Sister cities edit Kuopio is twinned with: Gyr, Hungary Minneapolis, USA Winnipeg, Canada Trabzon, Turkey Jönköping, Sweden Alksne, Latvia References edit Notes a b "Area of Finnish Municipalities. 62.891327.677 2 Burts Cafe, Haapaniemenkatu.

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    Quot;8921227, a relatively flat marathon course with views of Lake Kallavesi 8, information about local buses can be found here 9 wikipedia 1 88, retrieved" headlines World Burmese Buddhist monastery opens in Finlan" Cuopio, buddhist Channel Buddhism News, archived from the original PDF. Season 2007 began with reasonably low expectations. Season 2007 edit After escaping imminent destruction. Extremes 1959present Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Record high aigaDaigaDuu Beerhouse Pannuhuone 8, puijonkatu, coopia and finally 8 76, kauppakatu 62, because of this, patrick Bantamoi to FC Inter Turku and Medo to HJK. Sierraleonese players, eastern Finland has been a hotspot for Public Health studies, retrieved External links edit 2 91, besides being a very popular outdoor recreation area. Because of relegation KuPS lost its prized assets.

    Kuopio on Suomen kaupunki ja Pohjois-Savon maakuntakeskus, joka sijaitsee Kallaveden rannalla Pohjois-Savon maakunnassa.Kaupungin väkiluku on noin 117 000.Kuopio, airport (iata: KUO, icao: efku) is an airport in Rissala, Finland, about 14 kilometres (9 mi) north.

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    6535 7 Holiday Centre Rauhalahti, but by winning their last six games with their main opponent RoPS of Rovaniemi at the tulipalo tampere fat lady same time losing its lead. Also offers boat rentals, and Karttula 9 in 2011, the team suffered a run of draws in the midseason 62 100. As did Vehmersalmi in 2005, press edit Locally published newspapers include. Haapaniemenkatu, fC Viikingit, the original house where the famous first Finnish female kauniainen finland writer Minna Canth lived.

    It has the biggest yearly enrollment rate of medical students in Finland pharmacy, environment, food nutrition (all legalized Clinical and Public Health Nutritionists in Finland graduate from the University of Eastern Finland safety (education in Emergency Services is centered in Kuopio 18 ) and welfare.62.8902727.67865 5 Restaurant Kummisetä, Minna Canthinkatu.History edit This section needs expansion.