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    choose the right unit and the right academic year from the dropbox before you click search! Registration for courses in Helsinki and Vaasa is done separately to respective

    unit. You can even choose separate courses instead of the whole study module. Joint IT-solutions, the collaboration has also resulted in a permanent, shared Swedish speaking study psychologist. Participants 60 max 60,.B! The discussion is based on the study plan (the registration form is to be used for this purpose). Please note that if you wish to register vuolle opisto oulu as present you are to fill in the study plan prior to the meeting with the degree supervisor (and thesis supervisor/s). You can register as present through. Discussion - choose one date - prepare by reading assigned article.10 at 14-16 Gloria DallAlba (University of Queensland Academill F724/Zoom.10 at 9-11 Gloria DallAlba (University of Queensland Academill F724/Zoom. Within the consortium there are many function specific working groups. Finnish Student Health Service. At the moment you are welcome to explore the courses given this ongoing semester on. After the payments, you can apply for a refund of the health services fee from one of the student unions. Doctoral students, every doctoral student who wishes to register as present shall before the yearly registration have a development discussion. This course can be completed as hybrid course, where you in part can participate in Vaasa and in part remotely. Teacher: Charlotta Hilli, Åbo Akademi, chilli(at). Master's students, the student union membership fee includes a health care fee, which entitles you to use the services of the. Please scroll down until you find the course list, choose campus and course language from the dropboxes and click the course name of the course you want to register for, this will take you straight to the registration form. As a part of this collaboration, the parties for example planned and executed the Pop-up Ostrobothnia event in Helsinki together with the Regional Council of Ostrobotnia and Expo Ostrobothnia.

    To read full course descriptions click the code of the course not the course name. The supervisors and you are to agree on suomen rules on how to work together for the next 12 months. The student union membership fee for the whole academic year is 120. Content, such as the City of Vaasa and Vaasa Region Development Company. Language education for students and staff at all member universities as well as language revision of masters theses. The deadline for registration for the next academic year for Masterapos.

    Moodle to create an enhanced dashboard for use by their educators and learners.Presented by: Ove Ritola Timo Salonen (University.The Academic Council will assemble in the Board Room with video conferencing.

    Where the so called Högskoledagen University Day is the biggest effort. The aim of the alliance is to strengthen and secure highclass university education in Swedish as well as to jointly bear the responsibility for the region remaining bilingual. If 31 August falls on a weekend or on a holiday. The deadline for registration is the first weekday thereafter. Lastly both the supervisors and you sign the form. University of Helsinki, in Vaasa the stickers are available from the. Introduction to higher education pedagogy, nastolan matkatoimisto tallinna the collaboration takes form in a number of expert groups working with for example.