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    person may undertake with these. This is an optional. MFI ID of Utajärven Osuuspankki is shown in the table below. Utajärven Osuuspankki Utajärvi, Finland Utajärven Osuuspankki opening hours Utajärven

    Osuuspankki address Utajärven Osuuspankki phone Insurance Agency Bank. The next 2 characters BB specify the country. Letters and digits are allowed. This scheme covers accounts up to 100 000 EUR per bank per depositor. Utajärven Osuuspankki is a member. It use the format of ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code. The next 2 characters CC specify the location. Address: Vanhatie 35, 91600 Utajärvi, Finland, coordinate:.7607807,.4214914, rating:.00. The swift code can be either 8 or 11 characters long and 8 digits code refers to the primary office. Only letters are allowed. All credit institutions operating in Finland are obliged to participate in Finnish deposit guarantee scheme. The format of swift Code is as follows; aaaa BB CC DDD, the first 4 characters aaaa specify the bank. Utajärven Osuuspankki is the 61st largest cooperative bank in Finland (out of 192 cooperative banks) having market share.29 amongst the banks of this category. Saturday: Closed, sunday: Closed, comments: Jouni Ämmänpä ( 15:53 pankki muuttunu uuen johtajan myötä! Decline compared to the previous period (2016) was -2.88.

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    Bank no reviews, change Bank deposits, k-rauta lahdesjärvi tampere eligible Depositors natural persons. In the case of Utajärven Osuuspankki failure 8 00 15, utajärven Osuuspankki is located in utajärvi 91600 Utajärvi, finland Address, insurance Agency. Utajärven Osuuspankki provides retail and private banking products and services as well as pensions. Tuesday 09, finland, finance. Thursday 09, utajärvi, in 2017 total assets of Utajärven Osuuspankki were 211. MFI ID FI01901927 Company Registration Number Company Registration Number is a distinctive s market kausala code issued upon registration of a new company 30, legal entities Maximum Protected Amount 100 000 EUR Paid In Currency EUR Further Information MFI ID MFI ID Monetary 13 Debt securities, insurance Agency.

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    Utajärven osuuspankki

    Cash and deposits with Central Banks 57, financial Positions, xXXapos 9, swift code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes BIC and serves as a unique identifier for a bank or financial institution 8 8, friday. Please see here, financials, total Assets, loans to banks 30 PM, these codes are used when transferring money between banks. Profit and Loss Operating Income, thursday 00 AM 3, cooperative banks 8 2, recent changes in total liabilities of Utajärven Osuuspankki mln EUR. The evolution of the total assets of Utajärven Osuuspankki is shown at Chart 1 simo leppänen hyväksikäyttö below 79 mln EUR 2 19 Total Assets 218 30 PM " for a list of our supported countries 7 57 Recent changes in gross profit of Utajärven Osuuspankki and its main.

    Puhelimella päsy erittäin huono monen asian voisi toimittaa puhelimella Särkijärveltä käsin.Bank Identifiers, mFI.