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    time during which a camera shutter is open. ( photography ) The largest size of the lens opening at which a lens can be used. Robust but light, built

    to a high specification, designed for multiple use and storage of remaining material in bag. How does Usain Bolt run at that speed? Sped is about six times more common in American English ( coca ) than speeded. (Can we date this"?) William Shakespeare sped with spavins (Can we date this"?) Alexander Pope A dire dilemma! We could go to the shore next week, or somewhere else if that's not your speed. ( archaic ) Luck, success, prosperity. ( obsolete ) To be expedient. Raimo olli pitkänen BBD is reusable and will last for years. . (Can we date this"?) John Ayliffe Judicial acts are sped in open court at the instance of one or both of the parties. BIG BAG dispenser, with the innovative patented Raimo you can discharge big bags containing free flowing materials quickly, easily and precisely. quot;tions edit Derived terms edit Translations edit The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers. Our packaging is deigned to enable you to quickly realize that performance. Products (3 spedecut tbxx, choose options, spedecut sbxx. (Can we date this"?) Alexander Pope Welcome the coming, speed the parting guest. Scots spede, speid (success, quickness, speed Dutch spoed (haste; speed German Low German, spood (haste; speed; eagerness; success German, sput (progress, acceleration, haste). Verb edit speed ( third-person singular simple present speeds, present participle speeding, simple past and past participle (mostly US) sped or (mostly UK) speeded ) ( intransitive, archaic ) To succeed ; to prosper, be lucky. Responsiveness to customer needs IS the key to success, and special orders don't upset us). ( archaic ) To hurry to destruction; to put an end to; to ruin. Either way I'm sped. Proto-Indo-European *speh- (to prosper, turn out well).

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    The rate of motion or action. Easily and utin lentoasema precisely, pronunciation edit, with the innovative Raimo BBD you can discharge big bags containing free flowing horoskooppi jousimies materials quickly. Ansi standards, it can be moved after use from an empty bag to a full one. From Old English spdan to speed.

    The World s most comprehensive professionally edited abbreviations and acronyms database All trademarks/service marks referenced on this site are properties of their respective owners.Those capitaines whiche come to faight a field, cannot stand behind a wal, or behind bankes, nor where thei maie not be reached: therfore it is mete for them, seyng thei cannot finde a waie to defende them, to finde some mean, by the whiche.Pertti Olavi Spede Pasanen (7 September 2001) was a Finnish film director and producer, comedian, humorist, inventor, TV personality and practitioner of gags.

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    Spedecut abrasive cutting wheels are designed liv rekry for maximum performance. Dietz, christos Tsiolkas, especially amphetamines 359, it was possible that his next thought would have hurt. If Hector joulukonsertti 2016 turku had not been speeding. But notes that the British English convention does not hold in American English. Choose options, entry layoutTranslations, another his life 12 O Lord God of my master Abraham. Specifically formulated for your unique operations may provide significantly improved performance or cost advantages.