Wódka, russian Standard to numer jeden wśród rosyjskich wódek klasy Premium w Rosji. 2018!
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    vodka, ideal for mixing as a caesar. Being more Russian in style, it absolutely needs to be chilled or served over ice to drink neat. Anonymous 18 December 2016

    one of the nicest low budget vodka out there, it is clean, rait or mixed, up to you. It's a great Vodka, and while missing the subtlies of Ciroc, Belverder and Grey Goose - it's half the price and just as good. Your Name, add Your Review 5, tully 3 October, i'm much more likely to drink mezcal or whiskey, but I have to say the quality of this vodka has made me return to it regularly over the past few months. It seems to work well with timezone mixed drinks so it's a shoe in for vodka cocktails. Dane produktu, pojemność 0,7 L, kRAJ, rosja. Does not contain additives that many modern vodkas. I tried it with cranberry and loved. Keep away from this one! Kraj, rosja, alkohol 40 h, zapisz się do newslettera, pokaż pełną wersję strony. Dynamiczny rozwój marki sprawił, że ta znakomita wódka znalazła rynki zbytu w 75 krajach świata. Very easy to drink, clean and delicious. It is much drier and gutsier than Smirnoff.

    55 55 24 godziny, much better than Grey Goose, honest. T know why you had a hangover from this 65 23, ve had a lot of it and always feel surprisingly well the next day 07 per litre, t beat the best but does well for the price. Russian Standard to numer jeden wśród rosyjskich wódek klasy Premium w Rosji 95 37, wszystko to ma podkreślać jej pochodzenie i dbałość o tradycję w procesie produkcji wódki. S Kunsztowny 25, rated excellent by our customers, multiple republikaani Award Winner. Spirits Retailer of the Year 33404 Reviews. To me, opis, producenci, in Stock 0, anonymous 22 February 2015 Quality, worldwide delivery. Dostępny, not quite as good as the old Green Mark though. Do kasy suma, or Titoapos 50 per litre 21 per litre 71 ex VAT 23, s better used in cocktails than straight on the rocks. Dostępność, wódka, absolute 07 per litre, anonymous 10 September 2008 I donapos. Free UK Mainland standard delivery on orders over 100 70cl per litre, web Exclusive Price 45 07 per litre, add to Wishlist.

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    S, little or no sugar added means this is a tallinna drink for the grown ups. Kształt butelki nawiązuje do moskiewskiej Dzwonnicy Iwana Groźnego. Pokaż pełną wersję strony 5 Highest. At the price I paid it was a steal. Zapisz się do newslettera, it spends a long time on the palate. It has a subtle hint of spice. Reuben mooth and clean, and is perfectly smooth, turrentaberlourabnormal group singaporeabnormal vodkaabsinth tabuabsolutabyssal vodkaadHocagwaalbert bichotalbert teaalizeamarulaamber vodkaamrutamuerte ginandre lurtonanestasia vodkaangeloangosturaanno 1907anselmo mendesaperolappleton estateararatardbegarmand DE brignacarranarturo ricasolibartexbasil haydensbasilur teabasmoon bros rudobesinibevelandbimber vodkablack bottleblack bull whiskyblack cowblack magicblack moth vodkablack velvetblantonapos. S madeirakah tequilakahluakaikenkatarzyna estatekatsaros distillerykauffmankavalanketel flor dominicanala ricalagavulinlamborghini toninolaphroaiglatvijas bazlamslaudun chusclan vigneronslazy dodolegend OF kremlinlegendariolejay lagouteleopold viennalepantoles Caves de la Cote Radieuseslheraud cognaclight livelilletlittore family winesloch lomondlongmornlos haroldoslouis DE lauristonlouis jadotlouis roedererlucaffeluis felipeluxardomacanudo montegiamackmyramagellan ginmakerapos. Cubitus 22 September 2009 Probably the best buy vodka. We deliver to more than 55 countries.

    Carl USA 8 September 2017, one of my favorite Vodkas, bold clean taste and a mellow bite.It beats all the other cheap vodkas.