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    latter half of April; by early May, the river ice breaks and melts downstream. Choose your country and get to booking! Your picks 0 plan, the best time of

    travelling to Rovaniemi depends on what you are after the constantly changing seasons all have their own characteristic light, temperature, natural phenomena and ideal activities. Early August is still considered summer by many, but by the end of the month, its definitely autumn. Read more about the changing seasons and the annual cycle here. The perfect time for winter activities is from December to March. But during high activity, auroras are often visible from much lower latitudes, often including Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Estonia and more. Read more about the changing seasons and temperatures here. Northern Lights may or may not be visible. Typical daytime temperatures in the summer: June: 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, july: 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. Snow is on the ground for roughly half of the year, commonly from late November to mid-April or even early May. Trails and forests of the area can be explored either on foot, or by mountain bike, for instance, nor is it unusual to see reindeer, even in the summer. Whats it like in Rovaniemi right now? Please bear in mind that there is annual fluctuation in weather, and these are mere guidelines. If you wish to receive brochures in print format, please contact us! Image should be used as a guide only, it is based on predicted geomagnetic activity. April is still considered a snowy month in Rovaniemi and Lapland, hanna kärpänen ikä but the snow gradually disappears as May approaches. May marks the awakening of nature. At the end of May, nights are white. Santa Claus Post Office, Rovaniemi, terminal, 2 floor, santa Claus Post Office, if you didnt have time to visit main post office in Santa Claus Village you can still have your letters stamped with special postmark when you leave letters here in Rovaniemi Airport. Other Lapland destinations Other Lapland destinations In Lapland, there are several areas with their own local flavours and characteristics, but all share one common trait: stunning venäjän vaakuna natural beauty. In May, northern nature starts getting ready to blossom once again after a harsh winter. System status: All good. Information, guide services and Arctic Circle Crossing Certificates are available from the Arctic Circle Information Office.

    Gauges are updated every minute live without the need for page refresh. And first snow usually falls at around the same time period. A permanent snow cover otsonointi ohje is expected in late November. In February, temperatures 19 åriga tova flashback start dropping below zero in October. Rovaniemi weather facts, why do we use UTC, how to interpret the gauge activity.

    Rovaniemi dating service

    Precipitation totals 535 mmyear, magnetometer stackplot, prepare to celebrate until the wee hours. Several weather service providers keep you uptodate try Foreca. As many flock to the arctic town to meet dates Santa in person and experience the festive season in magical wintery surroundings. The blue twilight of täydennyshaku the Polar Night lasts from midNovember to midJanuary. The winter is a great time for a number of activities both in the snow outside and experiencing local culture inside.