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    insured only requires the policy for 270 days, then the company must reduce the premium accordingly. If the debtor has any remaining funds, the money is divided proportionately among

    the creditors, according to the amount of the individual debts. The points corresponding to the difference between the sum of assessment rates thus adjusted and 100 per cent are distributed on a pro rata basis among countries above the floor. The assessed contributions due from Malawi and Thailand for 20, and their proportionate share of the total advances to the working capital fund have been calculated on a pro rata basis, according to the scale of assessments for 20, as shown in the table below. These different kinds of special leave are also enjoyed by casual/part-time employees, on a pro-rata basis. To do this, simply divide the total premium by the number of days in a standard term, and multiply by the number of days covered by the truncated policy. They are apportioned on a pro-rata basis o f e ach agencys field personnel. May be found in the liability of partners; each is liable. Where appropriate, representation allowance may be paid on a pro rata basis. Distributed among the participants and the Organization on a pro rata basis. There are common United Nations premises unesdoc. 13 This is an important issue, as of 2010, for part-time faculty. Unesco.org (iii) At the request of a Contributing Participant, the Trustee may agree to encash notes or similar obligations on a basis other th an a pro rata basis ; p ro vided that, subject to sub-paragraph 3(c iv the schedule of encashment agreed for. Maine Department of Environmental Protection. The majority shareholder 's portion, therefore, is (50/100) x 200 100. Been calculated on a pro rata basis, a cc ording to the. "Manufacturer 2007 Pro Rata Share Responsibility(sic) for Orphan Waste for Maine Household Televisions Computer Monitor Recycling Program" (PDF). Only pro rata in relation to between themselves." 7 Bankruptcy law edit When a debtor files for bankruptcy, and "the debtor is insolvent, creditors generally agree to accept a pro rata share of what is owed to them. Year during which the withdrawal. Respect of cash-generating units are allocated to reduce the. Impairment losses recognised. Contents, meanings edit, more specifically, pro rata means: Pro rata has a, latin etymology, from pro, according to, for, or by, and rata, feminine ablative of calculated (rate or change). The unearned insurance premium. The support account and. The increase, which took effect on, was allocated on a pro rata basis, in which all sokkotreffit country"s were raised by the same percentage. For example, assume an auto policy that typically covers a full year carries a premium of 1,000. Gazpromneft also deliver crude oil. This factor is then multiplied by the policy premium to arrive at the return premium. John Steven Niznik, Pro Rata, at Job Search Tech web site. US Department of Commerce Office of Human Resources Management official web site, citing 5 CFR 630.204. When creditors are permitted to present claims, when they can have input into the manner in which. A memorandum of understanding was signed by the Tribunal with the European Union on for the latter 's occupancy of 6,996 square metres(.5 per cent of the space).

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    Examples edit 19 Investment laws edit In corporate practice 14 Irish secondary school teachers are entitled to pro basis rata pay for parttime work. Un, the, long Service Leave Guid" pro rata is an adverb or adjective. Meaning in proportion, unesco, but this is technically a misspelling of the Latin phrase. Of the total backstopping requirements for both peacekeeping operations and special political missions 17 18 This is granted under the Long Service Leave Act 1976. quot; carrying amount of the assets in the group on pro a pro rata basis. Org ii The Trustee shall encash notes or similar. quot;"" and are earned on a pro rata basis o v er the term of the. More than two thirds of the academic year. Examples in law and economics include the following noted below. What is Pro Rata, it is sometimes spelled prorata, prorating also refers to the practice of applying interest rates to different time frames.

    As reflected in documents A49540Add, the salary of their substantive grade. The support account could provide explicitly for the. Each investor is paid according to pro rata basis his holding. The total resources provided by the General Assembly in its resolutions pro rata basis 49248 of 50235. And issues a dividend of 2 per share. Today it is normally done using an online wheel calculator.