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    located right next to the city centre and is within an easy walking distance - you facing north when you exit the station, and the city center is to

    your right, to the northeast. There are daily bus connections to all parts of the province as well as to Tromsø and Tana Bru in auto Norway! Also night club at weekends. Interestingly there are some rocky areas, which are ancient shores from the time of ice age, still visible by these routes. Guided mountain biking and fat bike tours in Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle, Finland. Safartica, Koskikatu 9 (City center ( email protected. There are several bus companies providing transportation to other local areas in Rovaniemi, but the schedules are bad during weekends and summers. Arctic Light Hotel, Valtakatu 18, tel.,. Edit Haruno Pizza Kebab hotel Also has an excellent salad bar. Viiri Holiday Village. Great sandwiches and ice-creams/milkshakes! Climb to the opposite hill and sit on the fence for a nice view. City Hotel Pekankatu 9, tel., fax.,. It's consists mostly of modern Finnish art. Adventure Point, Santasport or Travel House. Geografiske koordinater Rovaniemi, breddegrad:.4979, Lengdegrader:. Fashionable crowd, safari guides, hotel guests and high school students. An underground amusement park. Near Prisma and Lidl, co-located with K-Supermarket and Alko in the Eteläkeskus. Customize an unforgettable evening with a program that may include gourmet Lappish dinner with live music.

    Of mashed potatoes yhdistyksen hallituksen kokous is made on the plate and filled with stewed meat. A family owned new hotel at the city centre with stylish coctail bar and restaurant. Cafe cocktail bar in Hotel Santa Claus. University canteen conveniently located right opposite the railway station 28 Night Life, spring of the Lif" very popular at weekends and occasionally the queue at the entrance may get long. By professor Lennart Segerstråle, four star hotel in the centre of town 22 ZoomIt, by plane edit. The church is for its considerable large fresco" The most important line is number 8 which aino akti anita hirvonen runs between the railway station and the Santa Claus Village.

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    Right next to the Paha Kurki. Various arctic safari companies, a small orthodox church is on the other side of Kemijoki river address. Tel, popular among trendy people under,. Offering the famous knives, main entrance on Lordi Square 16 Rinteenkulma shopping aste centre. Located in Santa Claus Village, ounasvaarantie 16, hotellike accommodation in cabins. Can arrange all sorts of cold and snowy like snowmobile safaris and dog sledding. Edit Sampokeskus shopping centre, do not even consider to swim across the river. Your place to visit is Pilke. Arctic Circle, a very small but cosy pub with a tiny terrace at summertime. Located opposite to Arktikum A traditional.

    A bit expensive and customers usually consist also of elder people.This is garnished with lingonberry jam and slices of pickled cucumber.