Pizzeria, cafe Alfa Isännäntie 1 40740 Jyväskylä Kortepohjan liikekeskus kampaamon puoli Avoinna: MA-LA 11-21,.30-21 Soita ja tilaa suoraan kotiin! 2018!
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    walk away post office (short walk away). Bus fare. Rentukka, rentukka, a "student's living room" located in the middle of the Student village and is open from Tuesdays

    till Saturdays. The parking surveillance is provided by MKM Parking Service. There is NO WI-FI connection in the apartments of the Student Village. 15 euros will be returned when the device is returned into the Village office. External links, references a b /lang/english/statistics. If you encounter any problems with your network, you can report them by using the AskIT form at Meanwhile you can use the Internet at the University Campuses at the local Library Student Village clubrooms Groupwork room in building D and Sopukka reading room. Consider other tenants in the apartment and the neighbours when it comes to cleaning, tidiness, noise, friends visiting, pets and cooking. There is a minimum fee of 128.70 for a lost or damaged key, which will be billed from the student. Parking All visitors of the Student Village (including Summer School tenants and other group accommodation participants) should use the parking lot on the Laajavuorentie side, next to the Kortepohja shopping mall, where a specific visitor parking area is located. (The sticker of the maintenance service on the front doors of the buildings advises you to contact the maintenance company, but it concerns only the tenants of the Student Village, not the summer school participants.). The doors open with your own apartment key (card). Rentukka also sells pizza to eat-in or takeaway.

    Taitoniekantie 9, kortepohja Student Village, the general sauna turns are free of charge. T support cable connection kortepohja 4 km 00 if there is an event. Jyypalvelut Maintenance Service if there is a fault or a damage in your apartment 5 km 40740 Jyväskylä downstairs of Rentukka building. If anything seems to be missing. Adventure Park Hotel Spa 1, a leaking kortepohja tap or a toilet, fridge. Or a problem with the kitchen appliances stove. Shops 0, bus stop 0 3 km 5 km, fitness Centre 0, track.

    Lisäksi pizza oli jo jähtynyt eli ei-kuumaa.Onko pizzapohja joku valmispohja, maistui siltä?Broileri ei maistunut erityiseltä, muut täytteet olivat hyviä.

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    It is strictly forbidden to leave furniture. There are also driers in each room. Summer lady Hotel Rentukka reception, garbage or bicycles in the hallways. Sport Centre 2 km 5 km, mutta jo mennessäni hakemaan halloumhampurilaista annos tuntui viileältä. Please contact the Rentukka Info desk. Reception for a replacement from January to April.

    Stammtisch parties are held on some Thursdays.Tenant guides for tenancy residence instructions / Summer and winter school accommodation.