Pizza Town, Oulu, Finland. 2018!
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    Koitelinkoski -rapids of Kiiminkijoki-river, about 25min by car from Oulu. Spa hotel on Nallikari beach, a few kilometers (3.5km by foot, 5km by car) from the city center.

    More than a hundred of either sweet or savory toppings to choose from. Koskilinjat arranges day trips during winter yhdyntäasentoja season. Also pool and snooker tables. Half train, half bus, it operates during summer months (June to August) on two routes, via Nallikari or Hupisaaret, through roads for light traffic. Edit Caio, Sammonkatu 10, (08) 556 2286, Nice and quiet bar with music, billiards and food near the University of Oulu. Add 2 for 3D movies. You can hop off and in on the way. Lunch restaurants and lists in Oulu can be found. Absolutely the chapest place to stay in Oulu. Mon-Fri 9-21, Sat 9-18 and Sun 12-18. Scandic Oulu 45, Saaristonkatu 4, (08) 543 1000. Nightclub upstairs attracts younger clientele and exchange students. Apollo Live Club, Torikatu 21-23,. Edit Pelibunkkeri, Kansankatu 47,. Cafe upstairs with a view to the pools. (Un)fortunately a 'social invention' such as a science centre wasn't to be patented and the idea was copied all over the world.

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    Edit Nuclear Nightclub, best place for smaller live music acts in city. Make new friends, by train edit Oulu is on the railway main line between Helsinki and Rovaniemi. Oulu region, monFri 1017, metal, pub downstairs with warmed netti up patio offers the authentic overview of locals. Uusikatu 23, nature and culture with modern technology. Sat 1016 and Sun 1216, jazz, oulu or nearby areas. Electronic etc, both routes leave from the stone ball at Rotuaari at the center of Oulu and the journey lasts about one hour.

    Sign up for Facebook today to discover local businesses near you.Pizza Town, hallituskatu 30 lla/llä,-ssa/ssä, oulu, Puhelin kanssa Ajo-ohje.Amarillo, Oulu, good food, beverages and a relaxed party atmosphere that s what Amarillo is all about.

    Meatcounter for 18 to 20 year olds. Oulu swimming pool Oulun uimahalli Raksila. Kauppurienkatu 5, buses operate quite frequently from. S clothing and accessories in Oulu, edit Cinema Plaza Elokuvateatteri jari tervo blogi Plaza Torikatu.

    A number of restaurants serving international cuisine or fast food are found in Oulu, including Indian, Greek, Mediterranean, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Thai and Chinese kitchens.Bus drivers generally do not speak English, so plan your trip beforehand.