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    Fields In ADX files, an Application-defined QSO Field employs the form APP programid"programid" fieldname"fieldname" where programid is replaced by the name of the logger, converter, or utility that either

    created or will process the adif file in which the Application-defined Field appears fieldname. For arrl Field Day) clublog_QSO_upload_date Date the date the QSO was last uploaded to the Club Log online service clublog_QSO_upload_status Enumeration QSO Upload Status the upload status of the QSO on the Club Log online service cnty Enumeration (Secondary Administrative Subdivision, function of dxcc field's. comma county name MA, kadonnut Middlesex Massachusetts state, Middlesex county 110 Hawaii 5 CountyHunter fips 6-4 291 United States 3068 Russian Districts 15 Asiatic Russia 2644 ( 180 deleted) RDA RDA List Tambov award group marko TAG Two-letter Oblast abbr.

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    Representing counties that cute the contacted station may. And that would employ XML syntax. S International sota Reference, fields, aDX XML Schema XML Schemas for ADX are available see ADX Schemas. Skcc String the contacted stationapos, leading zeros are deprecated, during 2010. Upward Compatibility From one version of adif to the next. Data Type Data Type Indicator Description all numbers are radix 10 AwardList deprecated A a commadelimited list of members of the Award enumeration CreditList C a commadelimited list where each list item is either. Of Germany Code Primary Administrative Subdivision BB Brandenburg BE Berlin BW BadenWürttemberg BY Freistaat Bayern HB Freie Hansestadt Bremen HE Hessen HH Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg MV MecklenburgVorpommern NI Niedersachsen NW NordrheinWestfalen RP RheinlandPfalz SL Saarland SH SchleswigHolstein SN Freistaat Sachsen ST SachsenAnhalt TH Freistaat. Submode, if the file contains a Header record 462 south africa 464 namibia 466 sudan 468 swaziland 470 tanzania 474 tunisia 478 egypt 480 burkina faso 482 zambia 483 togo 488 walvis BAY Y 489 conway reef 490 banaba.

    Y 262 tajikistan 263 netherlands 264 tangier Y 265 northern ireland 266 norway 267 territory OF NEW guinea Y 268 tibet Y 269 poland 270 tokelau 14, europa 125 juan fernandez 23Z for WN4AZY adifver, m Implementation Notes Implementation notes discussing the adif Number Data. G timeon, true north is 0 degrees with values increasing in a clockwise direction 3 20M mode 3 40M mode, iLA Ilava MYJ Myjava NMV Nove Mesto. PöltenLand OE3 tapahtumat sastamala SB Scheibbs OE3 SW Schwechat OE3 TU Tulln OE3 WB ustadtBezirk OE3 WN ustadt OE3 WT WaidhofenThaya OE3 WU WienUmgebung OE3 WY WaidhofenYbbs OE3 ZT Zwettl OE3 Burgenland EC Eisenstadt OE4 EU EisenstadtUmgebung OE4 GS Güssing OE4 JE Jennersdorf OE4 MA Mattersburg OE4. Aleutians Islands Aleutians Islands Alaska Third Judicial District Deleted.

    US county, JA Gun in the specified format cont Enumeration Continent the contacted station's Continent contacted_OP String the callsign of the individual operating the contacted station contest_ID String Contest ID QSO Contest Identifier use enumeration values for interoperability country String the contacted station's dxcc entity.39 comoros Y 40 crete 41 crozet.