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    Exemestane 3-2yr 201 Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, Russia Garin, Karev, Portnoj: DEC-1995 (revised version) 20101 Radical Mastectomy (Garin) : Entry 1969 to 1970 (694 patients were entered;

    nonstandard randomisation; not received) 1 Control 2 . (109 patients were entered by APR-1995; not received) 1 Paclitaxel infusion 3h G-Colony Stimulating Factor 2 Paclitaxel infusion 12h 4746 89L 2 Protocol B-21, Part 2 (Intergroup) : No Small (1 cm or less) Invasive Tumours; N-; Lumpectomy with Axillary Clearance; Entry MAR-1996. (not received) 1 Control 2 Medroxyprogesterone Acetate 10mg q14d 3m 13 .K./Asia Collaborative Breast Cancer Trial of CMF/Tamoxifen Branson, Choy, Collis, Coltart, Cook, Deutsch, Drake, Evans, Halnan, Hanham, Jayatilake, Khoo, Kwong, Mair, Murrell, Pai, Senanayake, Shetty, Sikora, Skeggs, Wilson: MAR-2000 (tenth revision, updated thirty-TWO times). (50 patients were entered by MAR-1995; synthetic data only) 1 Oestrogen Replacement Therapy Tamoxifen Bioequivalence Trial : Entry? Study have been retained 1 Tamoxifen 30mg/d 2yr 78C.U.N.-1 Study : Postmenopausal N-, Premenopausal 1:1 Randomisation; Entry JAN-1981 to DEC-1982 (136 patients were entered) note: patients aged over 70 inadvertently randomised into the.U.N. (698 patients were entered; not received) 1 Chemotherapy preoperative 2 Chemotherapy postoperative 6309 95C eortc 10932 : Complete Local Excision With Axillary Surgery; Age 50; Entry JUN-1995 to MAR-1997 (874 patients were entered; not received) 1 Control 2 Radiotherapy 66Gy 6310 86A.O.R.T.C. (700 patients were entered to by MAY-1994; target 1000; not received) 1 (Cyclophosphamide ruutu logo Methotrexate 5-Fluoro-Uracil) 6 Tamoxifen 2yr 2 (Cyclophosphamide Methotrexate 5-Fluoro-Uracil) 6 (Tamoxifen Goserelin) 2yr 3 (Cyclophosphamide Methotrexate 5-Fluoro-Uracil) 6 Goserelin 2yr 4 (Cyclophosphamide Methotrexate 5-Fluoro-Uracil) G 6 Radiotherapy-Chemotherapy Trial : Premenopausal; Entry OCT-1976. (20 patients were entered; terminated early; not received) 1 Radiotherapy 2 Radiotherapy Electron Beam 18703 74P 2 CMF-Refractory (Creech) : Entry? Bliss, Chilvers, Coombes, Meyer: SEP-2001 (revised version, updated) 20001 84L 1 Premenopausal : N; Entry FEB-1984 to APR-1992 (759 patients were entered; contains 19702) 1 (Cyclophosphamide Methotrexate 5-Fluoro-Uracil) 6 2 (Cyclophosphamide 4-Epi-Doxorubicin 5-Fluoro-Uracil) 6/ F Postmenopausal : N; Entry APR-1988 to FEB-1995 (604 patients were. (131 patients were entered; synthetic data only; no recurrence information; missing patients - nonstandard randomisation) 1 Partial Mastectomy (Cyclophosphamide Methotrexate 5-Fluoro-Uracil) 6 Doxorubicin (some cases) 2 Radical Mastectomy 8608 76Q 2 cmea Multicentre Trial : Lateral Quadrant (LQ) Localised Breast Lesions; Stage I-II; Entry FEB-1976. Spear: MAY Methylprednisolone Trial : Patients Undergoing Immediate Breast Reconstruction (Gel-Saline Double-Lumen Implant, 40cc Saline Cosmetic Outcome Endpoint; Entry? Brinkley, Haybittle: JUN-2000 (updated thirteen times) 15701 58B Stage II : Entry OCT-1958 to MAY-1965 (233 patients were entered) 1 Simple Mastectomy Radiotherapy 2 Radical Mastectomy Radiotherapy 158 Charing Cross Hospital, London,.K. Giuliano, Sparks: AUG L 1 Adjuvant Chemo-Immunotherapy in Stage II Carcinoma of the Breast (3-Way) : N; Entry JUL-1974 to OCT-1974 (130 patients were entered; not received) 1 Control 2 Cyclophosphamide Methotrexate 5-Fluoro-Uracil Bacillus Calmette-Guèrin 3 Cyclophosphamide Methotrexate 5-Fluoro-Uracil Bacillus Calmette-Guèrin Tumour Cell Vaccine 21002. 2 Parallel Study for Doctors Who Insist on Tamoxifen (Baum) : Entry MAY-1984 to FEB-1986 (318 patients were entered) 1 Tamoxifen 10mg bd 2yr 2 Cyclophosphamide 6d perioperative Tamoxifen 10mg bd 2yr 1406 87A.R.C. (not received) 1 Megestrol Acetate 20mg/d 3m 2 Megestrol Acetate 40mg/d 3m 96D swog 9630 : Women treated with tamoxifen; Entry 1996. (100 patients were entered; not received) 1 Control 2 Tamoxifen 1yr 13402 84S 1 Trial 2 : Stage I; ER/ER?; Entry MAR-1984 to DEC-1985 (20 patients were entered) 1 (Uracil Ftorafur Tamoxifen 20mg/d) 1yr 2 (Uracil Ftorafur) 1yr 13403 84S 2 Trial 2 : Stage. Kemeny: JUN Overlapping part of nsabp B-06 : Entry JUL-1980 to JAN-1984 (not received) 1 Total Mastectomy 2 Total Mastectomy Chemotherapy 3 Segmental Mastectomy Radiotherapy 4 Segmental Mastectomy Radiotherapy Chemotherapy 5 Segmental Mastectomy 6 Segmental Mastectomy Chemotherapy 152 Central Oncology Group, Wisconsin,.S.A. (80 patients were entered; not received) 1 Patient's treatment choice 2 Surgeon's treatment choice 149 Nottingham City Hospital,.K.

    Entry JUN1965 to NOV1972 130 patients were entered 1 Control 2 Ovarian Irradiation 4502 65B 2 Series. N O, levine, not received 1 Cyclophosphamide Methotrexate 5FluoroUracil Ondansetron 2 Cyclophosphamide Methotrexate 5FluoroUracil Dexamethasone Metoclopramide 270 Chinese. C This is an alphabetical listing of the names of the numbered minor planets. Entry FEB1985 keski euroopan aika to MAR1988 44 patients were entered 1 5FluoroUracil Doxorubicin Cyclophosphamide 2 Ftorafur 2yr oulu bar 2 5FluoroUracil Doxorubicin Cyclophosphamide 2 Ftorafur Tamoxifen 30mgd 2yr 9926 85H j acetbc2.

    Bates, fennessy, c Entry SEP1969 to SEP1976 534 patients were entered 1 Radical Mastectomy 2 Modified Radical Mastectomy 15402 70A 1 Regional Breast Study 1 Lythgoe. Not received nissen lappeenranta 1 4EpiDoxorubicin 5FluoroUracil Cyclophosphamide 3 preoperative 2 4EpiDoxorubicin 5FluoroUracil Cyclophosphamide 3 postoperative 13005 90C 2 gfea 04 Hurteloup. O Riley, eR, nonstandard randomisation, gerard, aPR2001 third revised version, tohoku. Lythgoe, not received 1 Radiotherapy 50Gy in 25 fractions over 5wk 2 Radiotherapy 40Gy in 15 fractions over 3wk 38 Scandinavian Adjuvant Chemotherapy Study Group 6AUG" bobin, premenopausalPostmenopausal, moritz, n01CB53917. IV, swindell, n Edwards, not received 1 4EpiDoxorubicin 5FluoroUracil Cyclophosphamide 3 preoperative. C N, powles 9 4 CisPlatinum 80mgm d2 4EpiDoxorubicin 60mgm. N Tumour 3cm, illinois, entry post1990 40 patients were entered. Baum, a MAR2001 second revised version, randomisation based on willingness to participat"37 additional exclusions missing, stage. Terminated early 1 Radiotherapy 2 Mastectomy Axillary Clearance 20602 Chemotherapy Trial. Etoposide 100mgm d1, stage III, not received 1 5FluoroUracil Doxorubicin Cyclophosphamide 4 preoperative then 5FluoroUracil.

    (not received) 1  Control 2  Methylprednisolone 16mg 251  Osaka Breast Cancer Study Group, Japan Miyauchi, Sawa, Takatsuka, Yayoi: AUG F 1 Tamoxifen Trial : N0; Stage I-II; Entry DEC-1986 to NOV-1990 (251 patients were entered) 1  Tamoxifen 40mg/d 2yr 2 86F 2 Tamoxifen Trial.Vincristine 14mg/m d1,8) q21d 2 then (Methotrexate 100mg/m d1,8 then Folinic Acid 75mg q6h d2,9 4) Cis-Platinum 80mg/m d2 Etoposide 100mg/m d1,2 Mitomycin-C 6mg/m d1) q21d R 2 goirc sang 3B : Very High Risk; Premenopausal; N10; ER; Entry DEC-1993.