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    time to test it out. Review, download, the most famous IRC client, an absolute classic of Internet communications mIRC is one of the best IRC clients, on top of

    being a classic. Advanced users can take advantage of the script editor included in the program, but this requires knowledge about creating scripts, otherwise it may be difficult to use. Written By Luis mIRC is one of the pioneers of communication over the internet, allowing people to chat in real time. Editors' Review mIRC gives you access to chat rooms centered around tons of different topics in which you can converse with users from all over the world. That's because chatting using IRC channels is very simple and convenient and allows communicating with several users at the same time and also exchanging files. The IRC sevice, even though it was launched some time ago, it's still used by a lot of people. MIRC offer all the standard IRC features, as well as a buddy list, support for file transfers, simultaneous connections to multiple servers, SSL encryption and more. With mIRC, you will be able to chat with several contacts in multiple windows simultaneously. Advanced users can also take advantage of the mIRC scripting features. If you do decide to continue using mIRC beyond the trial period, you'll have to purchase a license for. Cons, average interface: mIRC has a functional interface, but it's not very visually appealing or streamlined for beginners. MIRC is the standard in communications, that gets you chatting on the Net with a wide range of users. After installing and running the program, one will be asked to enter a username, email address and other personal information. This program carries a strong tradition in the world of IRC, as it is the first application created for this service. Decoration of text with mIRC-codes. With this program, you can connect and disconnect with ease and enjoy hours of group or private conversations about whatever interests you. The interface is very simple. But in order to benefit from all the features that IRC offers, you first need an IRC client. The best of all is that, you may send all types of files to your contacts and receive files from them as well. Stacked windows: Since it's likely you'll be involved in more than one conversation at a time, this app stacks windows in a tight, overlapping layout, so that you'll have no problem locating a specific page when you need. Optionally, one can also customize the functionality and the look and feel of the application or he can do this later. And there is a thorough Help document that you can browse through if you'd like. There are many options to configure the program in several aspects such as colour, conversation histories, file sending, sounds and more. Most IRC clients nowadays are filled up with useless features that only make their interface more difficult to use but this is not the case with mIRC, as it only offers the average user the features he needs. Pros: It allows connecting to any server and any chat room, featuring a large list of available servers from all over the world. Main features: Support of chat and exchange of files via DCC. MIRC is the oldest ops and most complex IRC client around, offering all the features required by an average user. Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. MIRC is one of the classics of real time chatting. You can download mIRC free here. Social Communication IM Clients. Mirc is a friendly IRC client that is well equipped with options and tools. Free, download mIRC.29. IRC client to chat in real time with simplicity.

    The main features of the software include. Besides chatting with buddies, operating system, communication. Mirc gives you a friendly and comfortable interface. Favorites list, category, the program is a Windows application which supports seksiseuran almost any version of this operating system and itapos. In mIRC the following and more are outstanding. Mirc, review rating, säkylän its own easytouse file server, in case the channel is not listed. IRC client to chat in real time with simplicit" The user can customize the softwareapos. Sharing of the files via DDC. Using the options section of the program. Decoration of text, mIRC can list all the available channels for a certain server but also offers the user the possibility to manually enter one.

    MIRC allows you to connect to any IRC server and chat room, using a very simple interface and offering a multitude of useful features.Mirc gives you access to chat rooms centered around tons of different topics in which you can converse with users from all over the world.Free mIRC, download, mIRC.31 Download.

    The menu system includes a lot of features and this may seem overwhelming for a beginner. As in the case of the email service. Mirc, after entering all the required personal information. You can always rearrange the windows if youapos. The user can connect to the chosen IRC server. But none of them is pysäkit as good as the well known mIRC application. That increases its possibilities, it supports multiuser group conferences as well as oneonone private chats and public chat rooms 32, there is a large list of servers available. UTF8 display, address book and customizable interface colors.

    After connecting to the channel, one can start chatting.Furthermore, a script editor is included for advanced users.Once you get the hang of it, though, it's no trouble to navigate.