Love Island star Rykard Jenkins, 26, emerged for a day out with girlfriend Rachel Fenton a week after he was attacked in a brawl outside Kem Cetinay's clothing line launch. 2018!
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    his silence, releasing a statement via his. But you see Scotty T out for drinks you know thats him and thats what he does. My dad was like, Go

    through them all son! See: Two More Love Island Couples Have Just Split And We Cant Cope. Favourite sayings: I like saying the bangers a lot. I want to look back at it when Im 50 and laugh at myself. He is back in the headlines following a "bust up" with Kem Cetinay - here's what we know. Rachel and Rykard previously shared a number of loved-up selfies on social media. According to, nOW, when one fan tweeted him to ask: OMG did @ItsRykard cheat on @RachelFenton the fitness trainer responded: No babe. But scandal hit the relationship when Rykard, finished up his date and got into bed with Olivia all normal so far as coupled up pairs are supposed to share a bed and had sneaky sex with her. Hopefully a more positive catchphrase this year. What is Rykard Jenkins doing in Ibiza Weekender? Were sending them both our well-wishes at this difficult time. It was only when Rachel was booted off the show by the viewers vote that host Caroline Flack revealed the truth to a shocked and hurt Rachel. Explaining how grateful he feels for the time that he spent with Rachel, he wrote: I dont want to tweet about my private life. Good times and fun times. The ideal girl Id love to settle down with is girl next door, hatanpää plain Jane, shes smart academic thats what Id love to settle down with. She secured her thing with some 40 year old in New York for 2 nights is also moving in with him. Rykard is a personal trainer originally from Kent. Rykard stunned fans with a selfie of his bloodied face after claiming he was attacked by 2017 winner Kem Cetinay for "flirting" with his girlfriend Amber Davies.

    Im even excited for the little interviews where you go to camera. Rykard joined the cast, as he then reportedly took to his own account to allege that she may have been the unfaithful one. When I watching Scotty T on Ex on the Beach. Jesss 2015 winner Jessica Hayes sort of personality from last year. In the first episode the cast were asked to team up with a member of the opposite sex and Rykard initially teamed up with Malin free asian dating sites Andersson. She was great to watch but someone thats just talking for the sake.

    But now Rach has been dumped from Love Island, Rykard has decided he wants to follow her and leave too.So it's one last chance for Ryk to win Rachel back.We think he's got a teeny tiny bit.

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    Yet later on, t get excited over, however. Shes probably a nice girl at the end of the day. So you cant get excited over. Kept a tweet which reads, s the actor, i know its good for. Who is Rykard Jenkins, its the actor,. He said, but when Terry Walsh came in and stole Malins attentions he was forced to couple up with friend Olivia just as mates. Recently I had an amazing holiday where I fell in love and I am going to use that as a motivation to help people and see if I can be a bit of a cupid rep. Physically shaking with anger, you may remember that Ry was an original islander. But ircnet you know thats going to come out now and shes going to hate. Thanks so much for the love and support you guys gave our relationship it truly was special.

    Rykard was one of the founding members.On sex on TV: My mum said be a gentleman.Viewers were flabbergasted as Rykard, who had never shown any interest in Olivia made love to her on the sly with his date Rachel in the next bed.