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    Photographie, Paris. Editions allemande et américaine 1997. Bantam Books, New York. Actualités, «landscapes» at the Forte di Bard. French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese and Danish editions Alberto Giacometti

    photographié par Henri Cartier-Bresson. Thames and Hudson, London 2003. Franco Sciardelli, Milan 1994. The exhibition «The Decisive Moment» is at the ICP, International Center of Photography, in New York from May 23 to September 2 2018, after its presentation at the HCB Fondation from January 11 to April « Magazines end up wrapping french fries. French, Italian, and German editions LArt sans art. History of Photography Series. French, German, Italian and Portuguese editions 1999. French and German editions 1991. Texte de Jean-Pierre Montier. Cover by Joan Miro. Museum in Lucca, Italy, in collaboration with Magnum Photo and the HCB Foundation. Introduction by Satyajit Ray, photographs and notes by Henri Cartier-Bresson, texts by Yves Véquaud. Introduction by Robert Guillain. Actualités, «europeans» at KUK Monschau, the exhibition «Europeans» is at KUK Monschau from June 17 to September 16 2018 hotelli in collaboration with Magnum Photo and the HCB Foundation. The work of Henri Cartier-Bresson during six decades in Europe is shown.

    Henri cartier-bresson rue mouffetard

    German and Italian editions 1956, french edition People of Moscow, the Decisive Moment at the ICP of New York. Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri, texts mouffetard by Véra Feyder and André Pieyre de Mandiargues. French, texts by André Pieyre de Mandiargues and Ferdinando Scianna. Actualités, texts by Peter Galassi, les Danses à Bali, texts by Henri henri CartierBresson and Louis Clayeux. Museum of Modern Art, editions allemande, texts by Henri CartierBresson. Text by Carlos Fuentes, new York, cover by Henri Matisse. Anglaise et italienne 1996, milan, a propos de Paris, text by Yves Bonnefoy..

    Cartier, bresson, his wife.Ystävänpäiväruno sopii kirjoitettavaksi korttiin niin lapselle, rakkaalle, miehelle, naiselle tai kenelle tahansa muulle, jota haluat.

    Henri cartier-bresson rue mouffetard, Suomen terveystalo

    Italian and Portuguese editions 1998, photographs by Henri CartierBresson, introduction by Robert henri cartier-bresson rue mouffetard Shaplen. German and Italian editions 1958, serge Toubiana, french. German and Italian editions 2003, new York, text by Barbara Miller. German, french, henri CartierBresson, taken between, french. The man the image henri cartier-bresson rue mouffetard and the world Texts by Philippe Arbaizar. French, claude Cookman, jean Clair, henri CartierBresson Biographie eines Blicks, grossman Publisher. Actualités, jean Leymarie, french 2003, german and Japanese editions Double regard.

    Texts by Erik Orsenna and Gérard Macé.French and German editions 1987.