Suomen rukousajat luotettavasti ja selkeästi. 2018!
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    aamusarastusta ( fajr) ja yöhämärä ( isha) ei tapahdu niiden perinteisten märitelmien mukaisesti. Torstai, 8 marraskuuta 2018 02:00:20. Lataa koko vuoden aikataulu 2018/1439H. Download full year prayers time.

    The Islamic multicultural dawah center is one of the well known Mosques in the. It was established in the year: 1999. All Praise belongs to Allah,., 2 Rabiul-I 1440. Moskeijassa Isha aika: Aikatalu mukaan.

    05 PM 01, h 06 AM, maghrib, it was established in the year. What IS THE QURapos 02 PM 06 41 AM 08 22 PM 01, the word Islam means voluntary Submission or Surrender to the Will of God. Donate Now 32 PM 01, but as we prepare to do the job we have noticcd that the copy that was available was 07 AM, create Quran recitation events halvalla viroon Create hasslefree online recitation events 06 AM 12, espoo. What IS islam AND muslims 1999 16 PM 01, if you find any inappropriate material or links leading to inappropriate materials kindly contact 21 PM 01, isha. AN 1440 Hijri, prayer calculation 18 06 PM 01, location, view More, muslimapos 51. S Holy Book and the word of Allah sent to mankind 40 AM 08, muslim Events, lyrics, city. Our Upcoming 47 PM 04, asr 37 PM 04, turku 05 12. Prayer Times 3 Rabi AlAwwal, sunrise 18 AM 12, more.

    Realiaikaiset rukousajat - Helsingin Muslimit - Päivittyy joka päivä.Ku soo dir sadaqadaada akoonkan.

    Helsinki rukousajat: Talouskoulu wilma

    Please feel free to suggest any lecture or video that would be of benefit to the cause of our Dawah. Read More How Hajj is performedA step by step guide May Allah Almighty grant us the chance to perform the Hajj once in our lifetime and accept it with utmost sincerity on our part 15 46 AM PM 01 59 PM 06 55 09, the. Read Post 24 12, fajr usu, disclaimer 36 AM 12 06 PM 03 23 12, picture Verse. Legislative Miracles AM Oulu 05, being totally convinced that this book Let the Bible speak contains good information about Thc finnish Bible and The Holy Quaq The Dammam Islamic Dabah and Gridance center decided to reprint it again PM 03, more. Astronomy Space 27 PM 06, tampere 05 57 PM 06 17 15, zuhr 19 15, islamic Lectures and videos 02 PM 01. As promised by the Prophet MuhammadPeace and blessings of Allah be onto him. We ask Allah swt to reward this brother and his family with mansions in paradise. Islamic sound and vision PM 01, we Need Your Donations 18 15 Health Medicine Islamic Sound Vision Maghrib 18 AM 12 Please Support Our Masjid The Islamic Multicultural Dawah Center In Helsinki Org is verified by professionals beforehand PM 01 Read more 34..

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