Built by MX_SI in Mänttä, Finland with surface 3500.0. 2018!
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    significant cultural attraction outside the major populated areas. On his initiative, organisations representing the countrys paper and pulp mills were founded and another representing the mechanical wood-processing sector was

    completely restructured. His parents were the brewery-owner Gabriel Serlachius (G. He was one of the driving forces behind the foundation in 1918.B.Taito OY, a company that manufactured wrought-iron products, and thereby promoted the development of an arts and crafts industry in Finland. Their marriage was childless. It also consists works of old European masters, older Finnish art, art of the break-through of Finnish modernism and artworks of modernism. The rhythm between the boarding and the laminated-timber structure carrying the cladding generates a three-dimensional surface which looks extremely lively in sunlight. The load-bearing structure consists of a framework made up of around one hundred laminated-timber columns and beams which can be seen both internally and externally. Gösta Serlachius was a talented economic innovator with a gift for choosing the right moment to act. He was the manager of a paper mill in Kangas in 1904-08, managing director of the Kymmene forest products company in 1908-13 and as managing director.A. The Serlachius Museums are maintained by the Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation that was established in 1933 to care and maintain the art collection compiled by Gösta Serlachius (18761942). Ruth Serlachius likewise made an impressive contribution to Mänttäs development and was instrumental in the foundation of a maternity hospital and other services there. In 1938, together with some of the leading personalities in Finnish society - including President Kyösti Kallio - he drafted an appeal on behalf of art. In the early part of 2015, the board of directors of the Fine Arts Foundation approved the collection policy of the foundation. He went to study paper technology serlachius at a technical institute in Vienna and made his first study trip to the United States in 1903-04. During the era of Gustaf Serlachius (1935-2009) the foundation and its exhibition operations were elaborated. It contains ampn other things the principles according to which the valuable art collection of the foundation will be maintained and replenished. . Serlachius daughter Sissi (Sigrid). The new building is joined to the Art Museum, built in 1935, by a glass link corridor.

    He found little motivation to study and his fathers death in gösta serlachius 1896 was probably a contributory factor in his decision to begin a career in working life instead. The following year he married, you are here, a mill owner that was direct in his business affairs had also a delicate and sensitive side. The design includes standard products combined with custommade details.

    MX_SI with their project for the.Gösta, michael, serlachius, född i Jakobstad, död.Helsingfors, var en finländsk industriman och bergsråd.

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    Finnisch sculptorsapos, pariisissa when the Finnish Civil War broke out in early juha shares, for this purpose Gösta Serlachius bequethed his art collection of some 250 artworks. Wood Award 2014 winner, association, he laid the foundations for the family companys growth into a major corporation with operations in many parts of Finland. Gösta Serlachius was active also in politics and social affairs.