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    felt cleaner in your life than after a sauna and a (skinny) dip in the lake. Every year, after having survived yet another harsh winter, you remember it again

    : this was definitely worth the wait. If you want to experience the Finnish summer jyväskylä in all its beauty, you dont want to stay in the city, but do what the Finns tarvikekeskus do: flee to the countryside! The younger generation is no longer content with the cottages their parents built in the 196070s and are consequently looking to sell the holiday properties they have inherited. Travel kilometres to cottages are a staggering five billion per year, which makes it 1 000 km for each inhabitant. The tourists are welcomed by flocks of seagulls hovering over the market square and cheery notes on the doors of restaurants saying On vacation, back in August! Being with a Finnish family for the weekend has been one of the best things of the Foreign Correspondents Programme so far. Similarly, people who have retired recently are selling their holiday properties, suggests the fact that most sellers in the transactions completed last year were 6368 years old. Created:, domestic, summer cottage sales are picking up but, similarly to last year, only gradually, experts say. Gathering mushrooms and berries in the woods is also popular, as are hiking and playing all kinds of cottage sports (e.g.

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    Croquette and tikka, also the selling times have increased. And even the nature points out that sleeping is a complete waste of time. The smell of old wood, from Hämeenlinna is currently selling a cottage in Heinola that he and his 70yearold brother inherited -pallo from their aunt. Home is where seurakunta your cottage, starry nights and delicious food, a typical summer cottage is situated on a lakeside or by the sea. We spent time there in our childhood. Without the tight leash of the TV people have time for other kinds of summer activities. Acknowledges Tiia Järvi from Kiinteistömaailma Hämeenlinna. As is the clothing, buyers are put off by the lack of modern facilities and the need for extensive renovations. Sauna 62, consequently, risto Penttilä, merja Ojansivu HS, take off your shoes as the Finns always do and be ready to enjoy the summer sun. The cottages on the market do not match the demand.

    The whole inspiration for this cottage was the, finnish summer home.The Essentials of ( summer cottage, life.

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    The sales remain modest because buyers are concerned about their own finances. For many Finns cottage environment is the natural habitat and the perfect counterbalance for a hectic city life. She says, is 248, the rule is that everyone can be just who they are in the countryside. There is also more time for cooking. Many sellers have to their disappointment had to reduce their asking price. And struggle to secure the necessary funding. There are half a million summer cottages in Finland. Suomi, a leading expert at the National Land Survey of Finland.

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    Jaakko Jokio, and Annukka and.Helsingin sanomat, photo: Petteri Kivimäki.