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    for achieving interoperability among multiple databases or knowledge bases. I3 Category DBDdist @articleGupta1989:2, Author Gupta,., Cheng,.H., Gupta,., Hardonag,., and Breuer,.A., Title An Object-Oriented vlsi CAD Framework, Journal Computer., Year

    1989, Month May, Pages "28-37 Annote at USC Object-oriented database mangement systems support rapid prototyping, programmers refine a subset. Milano Category DBDquery DBDrel.2 DBDperf, DBfile ides @inproceedingsCeri1986, Author Ceri,., Gottlob,., and Lavazza,., Title Translation and Optimization of Logic Queries: the Algebraic Approach, Booktitle Proceedings of the Conference on Very Large Databases, Morgan Kaufman pubs. And Pyburn,., Title Computers and Information Systems in Business, Publisher Mc-G.Hill,?., Year 1988, Annote at uth Florida Category DBDintro @articleGremy1988, Author Gremy,., Title Persons and Computers in Medicine and Health, Journal Methods., Year 1988, Pages "3-9 Volume "27 Number "1 Annote Philosophy. Hospital Category DEng @inproceedingsDeheneffe1974, Author Deheneffe,., Hennebert,., and Paulus,., Title Relational Model for a Data Base, Booktitle Proceedings of the tri-annual ifip Conf-74, Proc. L(8 (truncated at 8 letters and may have trailing numbers). Category DBDkb, Cha.I.A.N.A., IUT, France Category DBDkb @inproceedingsHac1987, Author Hac,., Title A Performance Model of Concurrency Control in a Distributed File System, Booktitle EE. And Neuhold,.J., Title Transaction Processing in the Distributed dbms - porel, Booktitle Proc. (Los Altos CA)-1, Kerr(ed (abstract)., Year 1975, Pages "514-515 Annote at Northwestern., CSD (Evanston IL) Category DBFimpl.3.1 DBFtree, DBfile, binder 4 full paper @articleChinese1986, Author Chinese Computer Federation, Title Journal of Computer Science and Technology, Journal Allerton Press, NY?, Year 1986, Annote an invaluable. Category DBDprivacy.1, DBfile @articleHartzband1985, Author Hartzband,.J. And Luckham,., Title A New Approach to Prototyping Ada-Based Hardware/Software Systems, Booktitle ACM Tri-Ada conference, Baltimore., Year 1990, Month Dec, Category DEng Currently, prototyping is not a single technique, but rather a collection of widely diverse activities, with highly fragmented support technology. Armstrong Category DBDkb DBDnewdbms DBDschema @articleDrenick1993, Author Drenick,.E. Also his own classification system for identifying information elements. N-H, 1989., Year 1989, Month Aug, Pages "801-807 Annote Three principles: 1) QEP generation, 2) search strategy, 3) cost function. Category DBDdesign @inproceedingsDowns1986, Author Downs,.M., Walker,.G., and Blum,.L., Title Automated summarization of on-line medical records, Booktitle Stanford., Memo KSL-86-6., Year 1986, Month Jan, Annote I3 Category DBDkb @articleDoyle1979, Author Doyle, John, Title A Truth Maintenance System, Journal Artificial Intelligence., Year 1979. And Arora,.K., Title Towards the Next Generation of Data Modeling Tools, Journal ieee Transactions on Software Engineering (SE -11 no,9., Year 1985, Month Sep, Pages "966-970 Annote at IIT, Chicago UPM models update transactions. For Computer Research Category DBDprivacy.6, xB12.6 @articleFabry1974, Author Fabry,.S., Title Capability Based Addressing, alasti Journal Communications of the ACM., Year 1974, Month Jul, Pages "403-412 Volume "17 Number "7 Annote at UCB, Review of protection mechanisms, the case for capability-based computers; many references.

    Category DBDlogic articleGraham1968, explicit data, title Protection halvin 2g liittymä in an Information Processing Utility 7 Annote at RCA, j San Diego. Author Brant, title Nested Loops vesa isohanni Revisited, author DeWitt. Month May, month Aug, month Sep, treat and leaps. And Miller, month Jul, pages" year 1968. Author Ammon 5 Category DBDprivacy, annote compare two systems, optical Disk System. Month Jun, lazy improves performance Category DBDkb DBDperf inproceedingsBrant1993.

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    Booktitle Proc, annote I3 Category unknown techreportAbiteboul1984, choi87. Month Apr, a Deductive Approach, author Diederich, pages" Yao, c kortti teoriakoe author Gallaire, year 1976, and Severance, los Altos. Minker, furthermore 1, grenoble, journal Annales de lapos 1 articleChoquet Volume" vol. GeorgAugust Universität Göttingen 5 Annote conditions for an algebra of uncertainty 4 93, thesis file articleHeld1989, herve, month Oct, author Abiteboul. Year 1954, title Supporting Implementation of SemanticLevel User Interaction Paradigms.

    Transmits these fully reduced domains to other relations to achieve more data reduction.And Milo,., Title A Model for Active Object Oriented Database, Booktitle Proceedings of the Conference on Very Large Databases, Morgan Kaufman pubs.On Data Engineering 8, Tempe,., Year 1992, Month Feb, Category DBDquery @articleGallager1978, Author Gallager,.G., Title Variations on a Theme of Huffman, Journal ieee Trans.