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    documentary filmmaking in the recent years, My Father from Sirius see also: film review trailer interview: Einari Paakkanen film profile, a debut by the Finnish filmmaker. Paakkanen has made

    a long career as a location manager. Id definitely say documentaries are a Finnish strong point. But in my family, and, I think, more generally in Finland, for some reason, there is this huge gap between the generations. I was even working on the movie in my dreams, when I went to sleep and before I woke. Although it was different with my father and were a little bit more distant We dont share the spiritual world anymore, so something got lost. And I think Finns are really peculiar you can basically pick out anyone on the street and make a documentary about them. Paakkanen has directed both fiction and documentary films. 2018 The Finnish Film Foundation). I also think that documentary filmmakers make their films even if they dont get the money to do it, and I think that makes a difference, too. It would be very different if someone else was doing it, of course. When Ive been talking viestintä opiskelu oulu to people interested in the new-age, UFOs, healing and all of those things, theyve been really happy that someone is finally making a UFO documentary in Finland. Warsaw Film Festival, the film is the courageously sincere documentation of an intimate relationship between a son and his father. To what extent were you influenced by pop-culture, especially science fiction? From mastercard gold tuloraja beyond the stars. My father was OK with it, but my mother took some convincing. Its basically growing. There are no office hours. Theres been one UFO documentary made in the 1990s, but it didnt take a personal approach to the topic.

    In which the filmmaker is even one of the characters in the movie. I really had to have this talk with them. The latter considers himself spiritually enlightened. You cant work at the bank and publicly tell people that you runoja believe in spirits or spiritual healing. It must have some kind of effect. And his son must undertake an emotionally trying quest for independence.

    Einari Paakkanen is known for his work on Musta jä (2007 Virta (2010) and Promised Land (2015).Finnish filmmaker Einari Paakkanen's directorial debut My Father from Sirius, about his fathers belief in UFOs, had its world premiere at the 32nd Warsaw Film Festival.

    Einari paakkanen

    And we have a mission for you. And summer is bright, i had to cut some parts out. But not because of my family. I thought it would fit in the kesätyö film really nicely. When you are making a movie about yourself. It comes from the personal approach to a subject and the need to tell your own stories. Einari Paakkanen graduated as a Bachelor of Arts from the Turku University of Applied Sciences Arts Academy and did his Masters degree in Documentary Directing in Barcelona. Its easy to believe in spiritual lasi things and UFOs and things like that as a child. So I thought I cant make the same mistake with my parents. You move away from your parents and you start to see things differently.

    How did you decide to make such a personal film?My Father from Sirius, about his fathers belief in UFOs, had its world premiere at the 32nd Warsaw Film Festival.