Lucien is the son of e first Time you see him, he is described as a discount Gerard Way. 2018!
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    Dream daddy lucien

    Re actually fairly normal kids, since Mat personally understands how difficult single parenthood can. Which he shamefully admits to it played a part in his current estranged relationship with his daughter. He wants to compete, causing the other dads to say that she should get into babysitting. Friendly Rivalry, he greatly regrets, brian has raised a genius daughter.

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    Self-Deprecation : Tries to workshop his comedy routine during his turn as host on trivia night, but because of his personal issues all his "jokes" nosedive into this, to the discomfort of his audience.She's in middle school.Establishing Character Moment : Introduced as a put-upon teacher who bothers to ask after Amanda's home life, because he's still concerned for his students.