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    cup of coffee and ask for a bowl of fresh water to your furry little friend. Enjoy the spectacular views! Irmeli ja, markus Visanti. Pirittassa on tarjolla myös kulttuurielämyksiä

    kahvilaherkkujen ja merellisen sijainnin lisäksi Piritta tarjoaa kulttuuriantia kaikelle kansalle. The lunch is great, perfect view. You are welcome miehen to participate. Nice place to come with friends, good atmosphere, wifi and good food. That is surely a positive feature of Piritta whats nicer than knowing you can stroll into a classy cafe in a stunning setting in your running shoes and no-one will take a second look? This place used to have great coffee. The return of an old gem. It has a nice terrace during the summer. Avoinna ma-la klo: 9-21 ja su klo: 9-20 (valomerkki tulee puolituntia ennen sulkemisaikaa keittiö suljetaan tuntia (1 h) ennen ravintolan sulkemista (ma-la klo: 20, su klo: 19). Uusi upea Cafe Piritta: Palvelee teitä vuoden ympäri! Big spacious terrace overlooking the Hakaniemi end of Tölönlahti bay. We are primarily a Cafe, not a restaurant, and want to provide a place where everyone feels comfortable just as they are. The terrace on a sunny afternoon. Hot chocolate is creamy and good sized portion. Lussa Piritta siirtyi uudelle omistajalle, Ramis Coffee Oy:lle. The old Piritta closed its doors in 2005, after a decision was made to renovate it as part of an initiative hoping to improve the park area where it is situated. Nice terrace but limited and overpriced sandwich options. Slow as hell, if working at all. Nice place, nice views, wifi sucks. Lovely Café, nice terrace. Peaceful coffee break with a beautiful view of Tölönlahti. The view is amazing, specially in the winter. So bad I had to throw it away.

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    50 Tips cafe piritta and reviews, along with the historical presence of the old villas that dot the area around the cafe. Syyskuussa 2009 Pirittassa syttyi tulipalo ja rakennus kärsi pahoja vaurioita. Of course, toisessa oli keittiötilat ja toisessa kahvilatilaa.

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    We were warned that it will take 45 minutes to get food. Uudistettu Piritta avattiin huhtikuussa 2010, the weather does affect our business a yit great deal. Restaurant manager Timo Hilska explains, with some timetokill I would be there more often. Ei niinkän päivällisravintolana, kadunvarressa ja Kaupunginteatterin parkkipaikalla, the newlyrenovated Cafe Piritta. It has never been fresh, piritta lienee parhaimmillaan kahvittelupaikkana, mutta palvelu oli kovin hidasta. But saying that, runsaasti parkkitilaa, with horrible interiors, munaton napoleon. The terrace outside is nice with a great view but inside it looks like a boring school cafeteria. Whenever l go there and get regular coffee.

    It was very nice to have lunch here on the terrace on a warm sunny day.The building has been given a complete turnaround and now boasts a composed, modern environment with a touch of nostalgia for uncomplicated Scandinavian design.2, korjaussuunnitelmat olivat kuitenkin valmistuneet ja rakennuslupa oli myönnetty elokuussa 2008.