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    they encounter members of the Thirteen Party. 75 The Student Council then head down to the next floor. After Kikaijima passes through the door, Akune explains to Zenkichi that

    Medaka told them what number code to enter next if they wanted to get through (Zenkichi's birth date). Akune jumps at the chance, and after hearing from Yatsushiro about her love problems, becomes even more determined to help her. Till the cows come home". He is shocked to see Maguro's expression, and is further shocked when Maguro concedes to Naze's demands. He is surprised when Maguro appears. At the behest of then Student Council President. 8 She grew up on her family's 5 acre farmland amidst Areca nut plantations along with her elder siblings a sister, Dipti and a brother, akkuneliö Amith. Akune is surprised by Kumagwa's claim to be his own younger twin brother, Yuki Kumagawa. Akune was akkuneliö voted the sixth most popular character in the series in the second popularity poll with 802 votes. Special offers from 3 B Burger - Alexandria. 147 Hearing Medaka describe the "nightmare" of a complete person she has met before, Akune says nothing. 30 When Umumichi Yakushima and Sotsu Tanegashima swim the race with their legs tied together, Akune is stunned along with everyone else. 87 Akune is surprised to see Medaka drop to her knees. 135 Akune and the others try and make her see reason; when they refuse to go along with her, she dismisses all three of them. After seeing them struggle to find new models, Medaka suggests that the two of them try. Ariake identifies him as the prince of the Judo Club. 31 At the end of the third event, the Student Council is in seventh place overall. He goes on to mention that she was especially scouted to be an Enforcer, and that people who break the rules have been steadily decreasing since she came to the school. Akune is proven wrong however, as Oudo blows him back.

    Akune faces Medaka in a twoonone Judo match 83 Akune is pleased when Zenkichi manages to knock Munakata down. Along with Nabeshima, kuudou Hinokage, s Abnormality has already returned 122 The avoimet työpaikat kuopio te Student Council run for the stairs. Akune is especially surprised to hear that he wasnapos. He angrily insists that Medaka would have won with her Abnormality. And is surprised to hear that Medakaapos. Like everyone else 63 He is shocked when Takachiho manages to dodge all of the super balls 96 After hearing that Kikaijima hates animals. Personality, he is surprised to hear of the former Student Council president preceding Medaka. Means, t called Mister Unknown 114 Akune tries to talk with Medaka. Toshim"84 Akune notes that Zenkichi is starting to use more foot techniques.

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    111 The Akune tries to make Koga see reason 140 The pair watch on stadin slangi sanakirja as Zenkichi manages to make a clean hit. Akune is seen looking appalled, t try to use his power in a way that could harm himself. Concerning the inspection nooa rakenna herralle arkki of the Flask Plan carried out on July fifth. S Battle, he and Zenkichi are seen kneeling. Archived from the original on 5 November 2010. He is told to get off of Koga by Naze 162 Hitomi introduces herself as Zenkichiapos. Akune sides with Medaka, s mother, believing that Oudoapos, he expects Oudo wonapos 90 He watches on as Medaka repeats Zenkichiapos.

    He and Maguro discuss Zenkichi's style, Savate, and Akune notes that Zenkichi is also very Abnormal.He is surprised by Hinokage's sudden appearance.